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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jme's Really Good Rice Pot

Jamie Oliver, in collaboration with designers from around the world, has created a collection of exclusive products called the Jme collection for Jamie at Home.

As a Jamie at Home consultant you can purchase these fantastic products through my website or contact me direct to see if there are any amazing offers (

The "Really good rice pot" is a brilliant product from Jme and all those that purchase one they are NEVER disappointed and they always feel the need to recommend them to friends & family.

I was first aware of this product when I was introduced to a Jamie at Home manager. My first thoughts were "I can cook rice, why would I need one?" I now use this pot at least twice a week.

Jme's Really Good Rice Pot

The name of this pot should be "Really good miracle pot" It’s not just for rice but I create lots of dishes in it, sweet and savoury and all under 10 minutes in the microwave. None of my savoury dishes contain oil so much healthier for you and is a MUST if you are on the slimming world or weight watchers diet.

For those that like a bit of stodge don't worry I have some delicious steamed pudding recipes for you.

Keep popping back to my blog for my "Really good rice pot" recipes starting this week with "Chinese Egg Rice" tastes just as good as the takeaway but with no oil or frying involved


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