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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rice pot Kedgeree.

Take your Jamie at Home "Really Good Rice Pot" and add the following:-

1. Crushed garlic clove
1. Large teaspoon of curry paste
1. Chicken stock cube
2. Chopped spring onions

Fill the rice pot up with uncooked basmati rice (up to the first market line at the bottom)

Mix the paste and other ingredients with the rice (mix well)

Pour boiling water (from the kettle) up to the top marker line

Place three pieces of frozen or fresh smoked haddock on to the top of the pot (skin side up). You may have to cut the haddock so that it fits.

Place the two lids on the pot as instructed.

Microwave on full for 7 mins (6 mins if a 850/900 watt)

Boil two free range eggs.

Once microwave has finished leave for 10 minutes minimum (or up to an hour) DO NOT take the lids off!!

Once ready, peel off fish skin, empty in to a large dish. Flake the fish, add more chopped spring onions and sliced boil egg and mix gently!!

If you have any fresh chopped parsley add this at the end too!!

Serve & Enjoy

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